Speededge Migration from Shopify to WooCommerce Following Shopify Prohibition of Guns and Ammunition

Speededge's Rapid Migration from Shopify to WooCommerce

Speededge, a major Philippine retailer of guns and ammunition, found itself in a challenging situation. After years of successful operation using Shopify for online sales and Point-Of-Sale (POS) at their two physical locations, their store was abruptly shut down due to Shopify's new policy against selling many types of guns and ammunition (source).

Urgent Migration to Platform Without Similar Gun and Ammunition Restrictions

Speededge was faced with the critical task of migrating from Shopify to a new platform that supported their business model, without the restriction of guns and ammunition. The new platform needed to accommodate their online store, POS for multiple staff and locations, multi-fulfillment-site stock movements, and extensive product bundling. The main challenge was to complete this migration swiftly, within a week, to minimize downtime.

Ruby Digital Agency Shopify Partner

Ruby Digital Agency and OpenPOS

Speededge contracted Ruby Digital Agency for this urgent migration project. The agency was tasked to replicate the Shopify store on WordPress/WooCommerce and its functionalities. To handle the POS system and stock movements for the physical store locations, they leveraged the OpenPOS plugin (source).

Migration Strategy

Ruby Digital Agency began by developing a comprehensive migration strategy. The team first analyzed the existing system architecture, the functionalities that needed replication, and the vast amount of data to be transferred.

Implementing the Migration

Once the strategy was set, the team initiated the migration process. They leveraged various tools to seamlessly transfer products, orders, inventory, customers, and order history from Shopify to WooCommerce. The team also replicated the POS system using the OpenPOS plugin, accommodating multiple staff and locations.

Handling Stock Movements and Product Bundling

Speededge's complex stock movements and extensive product bundling presented significant challenges. Ruby Digital Agency created custom solutions within WooCommerce and OpenPOS to manage these complexities, ensuring the business could continue to operate efficiently post-migration.


The migration was executed successfully within a week, allowing Speededge to resume trading quickly. This rapid turnaround minimized potential revenue losses and ensured a seamless transition for their customers.

Customer Retention and Business Continuity

By effectively transferring all customer data and order history, Speededge's customers experienced a seamless transition, which was instrumental in maintaining customer trust and loyalty during this challenging period.

Operational Efficiency

The new WooCommerce platform, supplemented by the OpenPOS plugin, offered an enhanced system that replicated all the original functionalities and improved operational efficiency, particularly in stock movements and product bundling.

Another Successful Migration

The Speededge case study illustrates Ruby Digital Agency's prowess in handling complex eCommerce migrations rapidly and effectively. Despite a challenging timeline and complex requirements, the team managed to orchestrate Speededge's smooth transition to WooCommerce, keeping their business from potential disruptions and revenue loss. Moreover, the innovative use of the OpenPOS plugin was instrumental in managing the POS and stock movements, demonstrating the agency's ability to leverage the right tools to deliver optimal solutions.

Future Considerations

With the new system in place, Speededge is well-positioned to handle future growth and expansion. The flexibility of WordPress/WooCommerce and the OpenPOS plugin means they can adapt to changes and new demands as they arise. This case study is a testament to Ruby Digital Agency's capability to deliver timely, effective solutions under pressure and its commitment to helping clients navigate critical business challenges.

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