Ruby Digital Agency’s Cutting-Edge Shopify Solution for Dog House Clothing: A Multi-Brand E-Commerce Success Story


A Multi-Brand E-Commerce Success Story


Dog House Clothing:

  Dog House Clothing, a rapidly growing apparel company, was in search of a comprehensive e-commerce solution that could support multiple brands while providing a seamless and consistent customer experience. Ruby Digital Agency ( rose to the challenge by creating a state-of-the-art Shopify site tailored to Dog House Clothing's unique needs.

Challenge Accepted:

Dog House Clothing operates multiple brands under its umbrella, including Whiskey & Wine ( and Bowling Concepts, among others. The company needed a platform that could not only host separate landing pages for each brand but also swap out header logos to maintain brand consistency. Additionally, Dog House Clothing wanted to offer customers the ability to customize their apparel with a live preview of their selections.

Our Solution:

Ruby Digital Agency built a custom Shopify site for Dog House Clothing, integrating their proprietary app, Header Logo Swap by Brand and Vendor. This app allowed Dog House Clothing to swap out header logos based on the brand or vendor currently displayed in the products and collection pages. Furthermore, Ruby Digital Agency developed a unique product customization feature that enabled customers to personalize their apparel with live previews of customizations on the sleeves, pocket, and back of the shirts. This cutting-edge functionality elevated Dog House Clothing's online presence and set them apart from their competitors. Whiskey & Wine by Ruby Digital Agency  


With Ruby Digital Agency's innovative Shopify site and app, Dog House Clothing has experienced:
  • Seamless brand management with the ability to effortlessly swap header logos
  • Consistent and professional customer experience across all brands
  • Increased customer engagement and satisfaction due to the live preview customization feature
  • Higher conversion rates and a boost in online sales

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  Dog House Clothing's partnership with Ruby Digital Agency has proven to be a resounding success. The multi-brand e-commerce solution, complete with the Header Logo Swap app and product customization feature, has elevated Dog House Clothing's online presence and set the stage for continued growth. Trust Ruby Digital Agency to deliver an unmatched e-commerce experience for your brand!


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