Transforming Good Spirits Bar & Grill’s Digital Presence: A Ruby Digital Agency Case Study

Good Spirits Bar and Grill

Good Spirits Bar & Grill, a popular local sports bar, is known for its live entertainment, weekly karaoke, and vibrant atmosphere. The bar needed a website redesign that would not only capture its essence but also cater to its target audience. Ruby Digital Agency, a leading digital marketing agency, was entrusted with the task of revamping the website,, to create a modern, engaging, and easily maintainable platform.  

Our Objectives

  1. Design a website that reflects Good Spirits' unique atmosphere and aligns with its branding.
  2. Create a responsive, mobile-first design to cater to the growing number of mobile users.
  3. Develop a user-friendly platform for easy event, food image, and team member updates.
  4. Increase customer engagement through interactive features such as a photo gallery.
  Good Spirits Bar & Grill  

Strategy and Execution

  1. Dark color scheme: Ruby Digital Agency chose a dark color palette for the website redesign, matching Good Spirits' logo and interior design. This choice enhanced the brand's visual identity and created a consistent user experience.
  1. Mobile-first design: With the majority of users accessing websites through their mobile devices, Ruby Digital Agency focused on a mobile-first approach. The responsive design ensures that users can navigate the website easily, regardless of their device.
  1. Custom post types: To make the website easily maintainable, Ruby Digital Agency implemented specific post types for events, food images, and team members. This streamlined content management allows Good Spirits' staff to keep the website up-to-date effortlessly.
  1. Collage featured image: The main page features a collage of regular patrons, creating a sense of community and emphasizing the bar's local appeal. This visually engaging element also serves as a unique selling point for Good Spirits.
  1. Interactive gallery: Ruby Digital Agency included a gallery that allows Good Spirits to upload and tag pictures of patrons and events. Users can filter the gallery to find photos of themselves, increasing engagement and encouraging social sharing.

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The redesigned website successfully captures the atmosphere of Good Spirits Bar & Grill and aligns with its branding. The mobile-first design and streamlined content management have made the website easily accessible and maintainable. The interactive gallery has increased customer engagement, as patrons enjoy browsing and sharing pictures from their visits. Overall, the website redesign has contributed to a stronger online presence for Good Spirits and has helped to solidify its reputation as a go-to destination for locals.


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