Cult51’s Advanced Store Localization: Magento to Shopify Migration by Ruby Digital Agency

Cult51 Luxury Skincare Products

Cult51, a renowned brand offering luxury skincare products, sought to enhance their online store's performance, user experience, and global reach. They partnered with Ruby Digital Agency, a full-service digital agency, to migrate their e-commerce website from Magento to Shopify, with a special focus on utilizing the Advanced Store Localization Shopify App. This case study delves into the challenges, solutions, and outcomes of this successful project.

Our Challenges

Cult51 faced several challenges with their Magento platform, including:
  1. Complex and costly maintenance, taking away valuable resources from core business operations.
  2. Limited scalability, hindering the growth and expansion of their online store.
  3. Suboptimal user experience, impacting customer satisfaction and conversion rates.
  4. Inefficient localization options, requiring multiple Shopify online stores for different regions.

Migration Plan

To tackle these challenges, Ruby Digital Agency devised and implemented a comprehensive migration plan, which included:
  1. Thorough analysis and assessment of Cult51's existing website, requirements, and objectives.
  2. Design and development of a custom Shopify theme, reflecting Cult51's unique brand identity and customer preferences.
  3. Smooth migration of product data, customer information, and order history from Magento to Shopify, ensuring minimal downtime and data integrity.
  4. Integration of the Advanced Store Localization Shopify App, leveraging its Flexible geolocation technology to eliminate the need for multiple Shopify online stores.
  5. Configuration of localized content, currency, and shipping options based on geolocation, enhancing the shopping experience for customers across the globe.
  6. Comprehensive testing and quality assurance to ensure optimal website performance and user experience.
  7. Training and support for Cult51's team, empowering them to manage and maintain their new Shopify store effectively.

Great Results

The successful migration from Magento to Shopify, spearheaded by Ruby Digital Agency, led to several tangible benefits for Cult51, including:
  1. Improved website performance and faster page load times, contributing to a better user experience and increased conversion rates.
  2. Enhanced scalability, enabling Cult51 to grow and expand their online store effortlessly.
  3. Streamlined maintenance, allowing Cult51 to focus on their core business operations and customer satisfaction.
  4. Advanced store localization with the integration of the Flexible geolocation technology, offering a tailored shopping experience for customers worldwide without the need for multiple Shopify online stores.
  5. Increased website traffic, sales, and revenue, attributable to the improved user experience and search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities of the Shopify platform.

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Ruby Digital Agency's expertise in e-commerce migration, Shopify development, and advanced store localization enabled Cult51 to overcome the limitations of their Magento platform and expand their global reach. The seamless migration process, custom theme design, and integration of the Advanced Store Localization Shopify App led to significant improvements in Cult51's website performance, user experience, and overall business growth.


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